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Education has always been an integral part of Ukraine's development. Every step made by UA government in the field of education is aimed at providing every interested individual with equal access to higher education, as well as giving guarantee of quality and interesting teaching.

With only 1% of the world's population, the country has 6% of the world's physicists, mathematicians, computer programmers and other highly trained professionals. Ukraine's traditions of physical, mathematical, and programming schools are very strong. Nearly 60% of its universities have graduates with majors in these disciplines. To bridge the gap between classical education and real business and technical processes, outsourcing companies have partnered with leading universities to offer additional classes and labs for students, who come to study in Ukraine

According to the "Education Act" of Ukraine all applicants entering universities in Ukraine have equal rights irrespectively to their gender, race, nationality, social status, activity status, ideology, religion, etc. Instruction of foreign students to study in Ukraine is carried out in accordance to the Act of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners" and resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Instruction of Foreigners in Ukraine".

Most known and respected universities are located in the biggest cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donetsk and Odessa. These cities and their educational establishments can boast having "great names" in the list of professors and graduates. For example Nobel Prize in physics owner Lev Landau and Anton Valter (Creator of Experimental Nuclear Physics School) graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. Noble prize in Medicine owner Ilya Mechnikov studied natural Science at Kharkiv University. Prominent rocket scientist Sergey Korolyev and the inventor of electric welding Yevhen Paton are associated with Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Degrees of Ukrainian Universities are recognized across the world. Ukrainian Universities cooperate closely with educational establishments, businesses and governments of dozens countries globally. Leading universities offer dual degrees (Local and of the university of other countries) and internships in Ukrainian and international companies. 9 Medical Universities in Ukraine are recognized by Medical Council of India. Flying schools prepare pilots and engineers according to international standards. Kyiv National aviation University for example has an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Institute in its structure; Kharkov aerospace academy participates actively in UNO program TRAINAIR and international space research program "Alfa".

Ukrainian government supports international students a lot. Those students who come to study in Ukraine are not obliged to pass any tests, but are admitted on terms of interview. English can be chosen as language of instruction along with Russian or Ukrainian. No IELTS certificate is required to enter the course in English, but students are still obliged to study at the preparation department of the University of their choice to be able to enter 1 course with English language of instruction. If students choose to study in Russian or Ukrainian, preparation department will help them to master local languages.


General Medicine(MBBS)




Name of University Preparatory Course Russian Medium in USD English Medium in USD Hostel
Sumy state medical institute 1200 2700 3700 200
Crimea State Medical University, S. I. Georgievsky 1500 3300 3500 250
O.O. Bohomolets Kiev national medical university 2500 3100 4300 600
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University 1250 3800 4300 350
Vinnitsya national medical university 1500 3200 4000 250
Kharkiv national medical university - 3200 3200 400
Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university 1200 2400 2900 250
Dnepropetrovsk national medical university 1330 2250 3350 350
Donetsk national medical university 1350 3000 4000 300
Zaporozhye state medical university 1300 2400 (1-3) 2700 (4-6) 3200 (1-3) 3400 (4-6) 300

Cost per year in USD $ (1 USD =60 INR approx.)

Duration of the course : 5.8 years


1.He / She should have obtained aggregate 50% marks in the Physics / Chemistry / Biology in the 12th standard. As per the requirement of the Medical Council of India, for medical course, all reserved category students having aggregate 40% marks could also apply.
2. He / she should obtain an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India.

Degree Awarded:

The degree awarded would be the M.D (Physician), which is the basic degree equivalent to the M.B.B.S in India. The degree M.D (Physician) should not be confused as a post graduate qualification.

Fee for Under Graduate Dental Course

Name of university Preparatory course in USD $ Russian medium in USD $ English medium in USD $ Hostel fees in USD $
O.O. Bohomolets Kiev national medical university 2500 3800 4500 600
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University 1250 4300 4800 350
Vinnitsya national medical university 1500 3700 4500 250
Kharkiv national medical university 1750 3600 3600 400
Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university 1200 2800 3100 250
Dnepropetrovsk national medical university 1330 2400 3300 350
Donetsk national medical university 1350 3000 4000 300

Cost per year in USD $ (1 USD = 60 INR approx.)

Duration of the course :5 years

Degree Awarded: In case of Dentistry the degree awarded would be B.D.S.


•Allergology and Immunology
• Angiosurgery
• Cardiovascular Surgery
• Dermatovenerology
• Gastroenterology
• Infectious and Tropical Diseases
• Maxillo facial surgery
• Nephrology
• Neurosurgery
• Oncology
• Otorhinolaryngology

• Plastic Surgery
• Radiology
• Therapy
• Traumatology and Orthopedics
• Cardiology
• Coloproctology
• Endocrinology
• General Surgery
• Laparoscopic Surgery
• Neonatology
• Neurology
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Ophthalmology
• Pediatrics
• Physiotherapy
• Pulmonology
• Social Medicine and Management in Public Health
• Thoracic Surgery
• Urology
• Phthisiopulmonology
Eligibility : He / She should have a Bachelor's degree (M.B.B.S) from a recognized University by MCI or WHO.

Duration of the Courses : The post graduation courses in the case of Medicine are for a period of 2 years to 5 years.

Medium of Instruction: English and Russian


. Orthodontics
. Oral Medicine
. Pedodontics
. Prosthodontics
. Oral pathology
. Operative dental surgery (ODS)
. Perio dontics
. Surgical Dentistry

Eligibility -He / She should have a Bachelor's degree (B.D.S.)from a recognized University by DCI or WHO.

Duration of the Courses- The post graduation courses in the case of Dental are for a period of 2 years to 3 years

Medium of instruction- Russian and English

English Medium: In English Medium, students can get admission directly in first course where medical subjects are tought in English. The students who have chosen English Medium do not have to study the preparatory course. They will be admitted directly to the first course. The duration of course is 5.8 years.

Russian Medium: The program is the same as that of English Medium, the only difference being that the academic procedures are in Russia. After 8 months preparatory course (Russian language course), the students will be admitted in the first course. Total duration is 6.6 years.

Structure of Course
Syllabus for M.B.B.S.


As per the new amendment to the Indian Medical Act, 1956, any Indian student intending to study medicine in any medical college anywhere in abroad for a graduate medical course has to obtain an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India, New Delhi before joining the medical college abroad. The academic requirement for the eligibility certificate as defined by the Medical Council of India for the general is an aggregate 50% marks in the Physics / Chemistry and Biology and 40% incase of the reserved category. The responsibility of obtaining the eligibility certificate as required by the Medical Council of India rests with the student.

MCI Eligibility Form

Recognition in India

Note: These Universities are listed in the MCI and WHO Directory of Medical Schools. Students graduating from these Universities are eligible to appear in the Screening test conducted by National Board of Examination on behalf of Medical Council of India.


Field of Engineering:
Computer Sciences
Computer Engineering
Information Technology
Oil & Gas Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Civil Engineering
Minning Engineering
Coal Engineering
Bio Medical Sciences
Aviation Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Name Of University Bachelor of Engineering in Required Field in USD Masters of Engineering in USD
National Technical University 2900 3500
National University of Radio Electronics 2900 3500
Poltava State Technical University 2800 3500
Sumy State University 2400 3100
National Aerospace University"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) 3500 5000

Accommodation Charges: 400 US$

IUS Dollar = 50 INR approx.

.Tuition Fee - Includes Study Materials, Library Charge, Laboratory Charge & Examination Fee

.Hostel Fee - Includes Accommodation, Beddings, Furniture, 24-hrs Electricity, 24-hrs Gas in Seprate Kitchen, 24-hrs Hot &Cold water supply and Centralized Room heating system.

.Tuition Fees Must be paid by the students directly to the University (University Bank) every year before 15th of September.

.From the second year of the medical course, tuition fees could be paid in two semester installments.

.1st Semester - 15th of September; 2nd Semester - 20th of January.

.In case of failure to make the payment on time, the University has the right to expel the student without compensation of money already paid for training.

.For Food and hand Expenditure need 100-150 US$ per month.

Other Expenses in Universities: Registration in Emigration Department : 60 USD (Every Academic year) - For One year Registration in Ukraine and Two way Visa.

Note: Please be informed that the admission process has already started in most of the universities. From worldover, there is a large quantum of applicants and the seats are limited in all the universities, therefore, candidates will be absorbed on "first come first basis". At this juncture, we would suggest you to expedite to make up your mind for higher study in Ukraine.

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