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Best Education for General Medicine Course in Russia, Medical Academy situated in beautiful St. Petersburg Russian City, providng Medical Education for more than thousand of students in Russia.


St. Petersburg State Medical University for Medicine Studies in RussiaSt Petersburg State I.P. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical Academy is one amongst the leading Medical colleges in Russia. it absolutely was supported a hundred and ten years past in 1897 as initial Russian Medical Institute for girls. quite sixty years our University was known everywhere the planet because the initial metropolis I.P. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical Institute. this name, St Petersburg State I.P. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical University, was given to our University in 1994 by the choice of the govt of the land.

The Academy contributes significantly to development of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in Russia and it\'s recognized within the World as an enormous center for coaching specialists in numerous medical areas. The University contains a nice scientific - teaching potential and has sensible relations with several Medical colleges and establishments in numerous countries. Students being thought at St Petersburg State Medical University have an opening to review on the trendy level keeping the simplest traditions of recent Russian Medical colleges.

The Academy may be a State instructional Organization, having a state license and state enfranchisement from land Ministry of Health. it\'s a juridical person having property in operations management, banking accounts. The Academy could understand property and private non-property rights on its behalf and conclude agreements with legal entities and persons. St. Petersburg Medical Academy contains a spherical stamp with imprint of land emblem, its own headed paper and alternative Academy symbols.

Admission in St. Peteresburg State Medical University MBBS in St. Peteresburg State Medical Academy Russia  General Medicine Course in St. Petersburg State Medical Academy Russia

Brief History

Pavlov State Medical University of Saint siege (former the primary metropolis Medical Institute named when I.P. Pavlov) was supported in 1897 as St. siege Women\'s Medical Institute, the primary Russian higher school of medicine for girls.

Since its institution it became one amongst the leading medical scientific colleges in Russia. Well-known specialists in numerous branches of drugs and basic biological sciences worked there. Among them one will mention world celebrated biologist I.P. Pavlov, therapeutists G.F. Lung and K.G. Chernorutsky, surgeon J.J. Janelidse and truly operating F. Uglov, G. Fedoseev, L. Potachov. currently the University may be a major instructional, scientific and clinical centre of the Russia North-West. per annum 600 new studeSt. Peteresburg State Medical University Russiants enter the university.

At present the University keeps leading positions in Russian and World medical education, maintaining the western (American and European) standards of science, treatment and education moreover because the best traditions of recent Russian and Soviet medical colleges. each student gets individual attention from professors, academics and doctors. fashionable technologies ar wide utilized in teaching. Since its institution near 50000 physicians are trained there. quite 600 specialists graduate from the University per annum, getting degrees of M.D.

The first data concerning education of foreign voters is dated by 1910. In Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, coaching of foreign students began in 1945. Since then concerning 2000 voters from sixty five countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and geographical area have qualified for the sheepskin, and quite four hundred doctors from foreign countries have pursued a course of sensiblework, specialization, clinical studies or post-graduate analysis for pH scale D degrees (candidate or doctor of sciences in medicine).

The University offers postgraduate programme (internship, residency, fellowship courses) for medical graduates in additional than forty medical specialties. per annum quite three hundred physicians bear postgraduate coaching.

Admission in St. Peteresburg State Medical UniversityObjectives of the St. Petersburg State Medical Academy

Medical education: MD, postgraduate education, as well as Ph.D. and doctor of sciences programs. of these programs ar accessible each for Russian voters and foreigners. Medical education is performed in line with the land state standards. Textbooks for college kids, methodic works and suggestions ar often printed by all the departments and ar accessible within the Library.

Clinical work: all clinical departments either have their own clinics or ar based mostly at the leading town hospitals. All professors and academics of those department conduct clinical work as treating doctors or consultants. Clinics have fashionable medical instrumentality for medical specialty and treatment. In surgical departments fashionable operations (including cardiosurgery and neurosurgery) ar performed. In general, concerning 2800 physicians and nurses work on the University clinics, providing glorious treatment.

Scientific work: all the professors and academics in any respect departments conduct scientific work in line with the most analysis topics of their departments.
Background of the University

Medical Study for Indian Students in RussiaThe main field consists of sixty three buildings, as well as clinics, department, scientific laboratories, library, laptop center, and four hostels for college kids and specialists.

Some departments ar placed outside the field (Traumatology and Ortopedics, Pediatric, Infection diseases, medicine etc) and ar basing in leading town hospitals, as well as the primary in Europe specialised hospital for infectious diseases (Botkin hospital), the primary paediatric hospital (Philatov hospital) and alternative hospitals of Saint-Petersburg.

Clinical departments and scientific clinical institutes, placed in field, have their own clinics (Hospital and college therapeutic departments, Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases, General Surgery department, Hospital and college surgical departments, medical specialty department, ENT department, medicine and medical specialty department etc).

In general, quite forty three hospitals ar used as teaching ones for college kids. All clinics, departments and analysis centers ar supplied with fashionable medical instrumentality.

St. Petersburg State Medical Academy : Research Centers

University has folloGraduate / Post Graduate Medical Programmes in Russiawing research Institutes:

Scientific Research Institute of Cardio-Vascular Pathology
Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology
Scientific Research Institute of medical specialty
Scientific Research Institute of medicine
Scientific Research Institute of Bone Marrow Transplantation
The analysis activity is additionally conducted by all the chairs and by forty eight scientific laboratories and quite twenty clinical laboratories (breath physiology investigation; vascular system physiology investigation, clinical organic chemistry etc)

The University often organizes the work of native (mostly for sensible doctors\' education), all-Russian and international scientific conferences; its specialists participate in scientific conferences control abroad (USA, European countries etc) Clinical (for clinical departments) and scientific activity ar obligatory elements of labor of all teaching stuff

Some clinical departments of our University work with alternative Clinical analysis Institutes and massive clinical centers of Saint-Petersburg, that aren\'t directly enclosed in our structure however ar conducting the analysis work along side the University:

Clinical analysis Institute of medical specialty
Clinical analysis Institute of flu
Institute of medicine
Saint-Petersburg Center of medicine
Saint-Petersburg clinic for Infection Diseases (Botkin Hospital)

St. Peteresburg State Medical University HostelThe collection Library of the University includes quite a million books and journals, among them one will notice medical textbooks, monographies, regarding the most recent medical issues. New books ar often supplemental to its immense assortment
Computer center with laptop categories and web resources

Hostels: Four hostels with double-room accommodation (twin room). two hostels ar placed at the University field; two - out of the campus close to tube stations.Sports facilities: ar accessible each at the free time (fitness center, sport sections) and through Physical coaching categories. At town suburbs there\'s the resting field "Vaskelovo" placed at the bank of the lake


MBBS ( General Medicine Course)
BDS ( Graduate Dental Course)
MD ( Post Graduate Medical Course)
MS ( Post Grduate Medical Course)
MDS ( Post Grduate Dental Course)



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