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Belgorod State University

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Belgorod State University Study MBBS in Belgorod State University, RUSSIA

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Belgorod State University providing the Best Education to form student's into Doctors. The Medical Degrees MBBS, MD, MS, BDS, MDS) provided by Belgorod State University are globally accepted, providing best job opportunities for students across Globe.

Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University is taken into account among the highest Universities of Russia, implementing innovative education programmes. The University owns and in depth tutorial structure of twenty colleges and one Institute with Preparatory Department of International school authorised by the RF office for Education and 30000 student body

In Belgorod State University, glorious facilities for teaching and learning together with well-resourced libraries and in depth computing instrumentality. A comprehensive vary of college boy and postgraduate programmes within the humanities and sciences. The University owns in depth cooperative links with instructional and analysis Belgorod State Universityestablishments internationally and additionally providing it\'s students with excellent opportunities for sports and recreation.

Belgorod City

The Belgorod region was formed in 1954. It is located in the southwest of the Central Russia and belongs to the black-earth region. In the north and north-west it borders on the Kursk region, in the east – on Voronezh region, in the south and west – on the Ukraine. The region occupies a territory of 27,1 sq. km and is divided into 21 districts. The total population of the region is about 1,5 million people. The ethnic body is represented by 90% of Russians and 5% of Ukranians.

The Belgorod region is situated in favorable economic, geographical and climate conditions. It has moderate continental climate which increase from west to east. The average temperature of January is – 8°C, of July is + 20°C. The territory of the region are steppes and pine woods.

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 Belgorod State University
 Belgorod State University | Medical Study in RussiaBelgorod City

The history of Belgorod State University is connected with the history of education education in Russia. The reforms of decadency promoted the speeding-up of economy, trade and discipline development and caused the rise of instructional institutions. Since 1872 special instructional establishments – teaching institutes – were established.

In Gregorian calendar month 1876 in a very settlement Belgorod by the order of Ministry of public education the Teacher's coaching Institute was established. This Institute was the ninth in Russia. From that moment the tough however attention-grabbing method of our University has begun.

After crossing through several stages of development , Since 2001 the University complicated has been intensive growing and enlarging because of new lovely modern-equipped buildings

Belogord State University - Today's Structure

Belgorod State University
Belogord State University
Belgorod State University Russia

In 2010, Belgorod State University was the only academic institution of the Belgorod region, as well as of the Central Federal District (except universities of the capital) to be granted the “National Research University” status.

In 2012, Belgorod State National Research University was ranked 30th among 103 Russian state universities and about 500 branches participating in the rating.In the total ranking of national research universities (29), Belgorod State National Research University was ranked 16th. Ranking of national research uni Medical Studies Russiaversities according to the evaluation of certain areas of activity:

  • «Scientific research» – 15th position;
  • «International activity» – 15th position;
  • «Education and teaching» – 19th position;
  • «Knowledge transfer» – 7th position;
  • «Collaboration with the region» – 9th position.

In June 2012, the University raised up to 13th position (from 51st one of the 2011 rankings) in the ranking of 60 academic institutions – participators of the Federal Bursarial Program of Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund.

In Current time, Belgorod State University is counted as well established education body with excellent teaching methodology providing education to high number of student's in the campus from the globe.

Belogord State University
Federal and regional centre for aerospace and land monitoring of objects and natural resources
Belogord State University
Monographs of BelSU lecturers and researchers
Belgorod State University
Winter garden of nature park “Nezhegol”

Medical Programmes - Belgorod State University

MBBS ( General Medicine Course)
BDS ( Graduate Dental Course)
MD ( Post Graduate Medical Course)
MS ( Post Grduate Medical Course)
MDS ( Post Grduate Dental Course)



Medical Faculities

There are 15 (fifteen) departmentsat the faculty:

  • Department of Anatomy and Histology;
  • Department of Medicobiological Subjects;
  • Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology;
  • Department of Pathology;
  • Department of Psychiatry Narcology and Medical Psychology;
  • Department of Neurology with a course of Medical Rehabilitation;
  • Department of Medico-Preventive Subjects;
  • Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases and Clinical Information Nechnologies;
  • Department of Internal Diseases N.1;
  • Department of Internal Diseases N.2;
  • Department of Surgical Illnesses;
  • Department of the General Surgery with a course of Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy;
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  • Department of Pediatrics and Children's Surgical Diseases;
  • Department of Stomatology.

At the faculty the following Research Laboratories are created:Study in Russia for Indian Students

  • Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of the person.
  • Morphological laboratory.
  • Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry.
  • Laboratory of Chronodiagnosis and Chronophysiotherapy.
  • Laboratory of Immunohystiochemistry.
  • Research laboratory of Preventive and Rehabilitation therapy.

There are 186 university teachers including 26 Doctors of sciences at the faculty.

Post-graduate courses in 7 specialities are available for students:

  •  Post Graduate Medical Courses in RussiaPsychiatry;
  • Genetics;
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  • System analysis, Management and Processing of information;
  • Pathologic anatomy;
  • Biochemistry.

The faculty cooperates with the following foreign educational institutions and organizations:

Medical faculty of the Nish University (Nish, Serbia);

  • Medical faculty of the Munster University (Munster, Germany).

 MBBS in Russia

Belgorod State Univerisity for Students

MBBS Course in Russia

According to the results of the Russian Organization of High Social potency national contest organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce in cooperation with The Federal Education Agency, Belgorod State University has become one in every of the winners 3 times. This reality is proof of the nice group action level of the University.

Belgorod State University RussiaUniversity Students

The Belgorod State University authorities try for providing the students and also the schools with comfy living conditions, stable money position and lots of opportunities for amusement and rising health of each academics and students. once a year at our university numerous social activities are enforced geared toward increasing the teachers’ salaries, building homes for academics, caring for youngsters and also the senior, getting ready recreational facilities for summer holidays, and providing the employees with Social Security advantages..

Belgorod State University Russia HostelBelgorod State University

The University have 3015 rooms in four students Hostels of the BelSU field. Each dormitory is attention-grabbing and distinctive in its own manner, and should outline the lifetime of the scholars who live there. The scholars from all regions of Russia and forty foreign countries are housed here. student's from Republic of Ecuador, Moldova, Brazil, Azerbaijan, China, Palestine, Jordan, Balkan state and Georgia board the dormitories.

Pharmacy Course in Russia

Belgorod State University Pharmacy as a university structural subdivision was opened in June 2005. It’s working was connected with the requirement to resolve variety of issues which will raise general education level of pharmaceutical department students and post-graduates and additionally give folks with medication of top quality at very cheap worth.

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The nature park "Nezhegol" includes: the territory of the character park that's set in a very picturesque place of Belgorod region, facility and winter garden of BelSU. The nature park "Nezhegol" could be a peculiar natural ensemble that features varied native territories. Here one will realize made collections of plants that gift the range of the world flora.