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The language of teaching in Russian universities is mainly Russian. Some courses can be taught in English. Studying under this program, students learn the Russian language starting from their first year for adequate communication and for making use of the huge collections of literature on their subject in library stocks that contain millions of books. Choosing to be taught in Russian, students are admitted to Preparatory Faculty, where within 8-10 months they study the Russian language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics and other basic subjects that are needed for further studies in the chosen specialty.

International students who intend to enroll in Russian medium should first complete a nine-month Preparatory Course. The course consists of 1,470 classroom hours divided almost equally between Russian language and Science core areas of study.

Russian language: The study of Russian language will consume 720 classroom hours spread over the nine months duration of the course at the rate of 4 hours per day. Upon the completion of the course students should achieve the level of competency that will enable them to pass TORFL Level-1 exam

There are 4 fields in the Preparatory Course:

Engineering (maths, physics, chemistry, engineering graphics, computer science, country studies). Electives: physical training, introduction to geology.

Medical/Biological (chemistry, biology, physics, maths, computer science, introduction to social and humanitarian sciences). Electives: physical training, introduction to human anatomy.

Humanities (literature, country studies, geography, computer science, cultural studies). Electives: physical training, introduction to natural studies.

Economics (maths, introductory economics, computer science, geography, country studies, cultural studies). Electives: physical training, introduction to natural studies.

Upon the successful completion of the preparatory course and passing the First Level Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, the student will be awarded the Preparatory Course Certificate and the Russian Language State Certificate (TORFL), thus, permitting the student to enroll in any Russian university.

The preparatory course is taught in group format with maximum group size of 10 students. The course begins on the first day of September of each academic year and it lasts until June. The tuition for the preparatory course ranges between $1,800 and $2,400 depending on the University and the location where it is taken, and students whom are enrolled in the course are eligible for student housing.

Note: Please be informed that the admissions has already started in most of the universities. From worldover, there is a large quantum of applicants and the seats are limited in all the universities, therefore, candidates will be absorbed on "first come first basis". At this juncture, we would suggest you to expedite to make up your mind for higher education in Russia.

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