Aeronautical Engineering Study in Russia



The Ufa State Aviation Technical University(USATU)

Nowadays USATU is a large scientific and educational, innovative and productive complex with well-known science schools that train qual­ified specialists at all levels. The academic year at USATU starts in Septem­ber and ends in June (01.09-30.06). Bachelor's degree takes 4 academic years to complete; Specialist's degree takes 5 academic years; Master's degree takes 2 academic years; Doctor's degree takes 4 academic years. All faculties provide full­time study. The applicants are enrolled according to the results of entrance examinations. Teaching and laboratory facilities of the uni­versity include 11 academic buildings with multimedia lecture halls, computer classrooms and laboratories with modern technical equipment; 7 scientific innovation centers, created jointly with RAS institutes and large companies; 35 international, inter-institutional, collaborative and problem oriented laboratories and branches of departments. USATU library is one of the largest university libraries in Russia.

The University chairs are headed by experienced scientists - educators, many of them being widely known both in Russia and abroad. Training and research laboratories are equipped with modern computers, instruments and devices, stands, models, simulators, working models of aviation equipment, technical training and knowledge test aids. This makes it possible to conduct classes and carry out scientific work at the up-to-date level of science and technology.

  • It was founded on the base of Rybinsk Aviation Institute formed in 1932
  • It was renamed as Ufa Aviation Institute after Sergo Ordzhonikidze in 1942
  • It was renamed as Ufa State Aviation Technical University in 1992
  • There are 7 faculties at USATU
  • There are 2 educative institutes at USATU
  • There are 56 specialties at USATU
  • There are 5 branches of USATU in the cities of Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Academic staff– more than 1200, which includes
  • more than  200 doctors of sciences, more than 700 masters of sciences
  • There are 6 dissertation committees in 13 specialties
  • There are more than 23000 students at university, which includes 116 foreign students from 26 countries

Ufa State Aviation University, Russia

UFA state Aviation-University


  • Aircraft Engineering (duration 4.5 Years)
  • Aircraft Engines (duration 4.5 Years)
  • Aircraft and Engines Maintenance (duration 4.5 Years)
  • Annual Fee

  • Tuition Fees 4000 US Dollars = 270,000 INR ( 1st year)
  • Tuition Fees 3000 US Dollars 200,000 INR/ year (2nd to 4th year)
  • Hostel Accommodation - 300 US Dollars = 20,000 Indian Rupees/ year
  • Health Insurance - 100 US dollars/ Year - 7,000 Indian Rupees/ year

  • Total Cost for entire course 14600 US Dollars = 9,50,000 Indian Rupees

  • About University

    USATU can be historically traced back to the 19th century. The forefather of the University was Warsaw Polytechnic Institute founded in 1897 and closed up during the First Russian Revolution. Exactly at that time the funds and the academic staff of Warsaw Polytechnic were transferred to the capital city of the Cossacks – Novocherkassk. Therefore USATU rightly regards the Polytechnic Institute of Novocherkassk as its “grandfather”. The official history of the University dates back to 1932 when Rybinsk Aviation Institute was established on the basis of Novocherkassk Aviation Institute subsidiary started in Rybinsk in the late 1920s. At the beginning of the Second World War Rybinsk Aviation Institute was removed to Ufa and in 1942 it was given a new name – Ufa Aviation Institute named after Sergo Ordzhonokidze. In 1982 the Order of Lenin was awarded to the University for qualified specialists training and research development and in 1996 UAI became a technical university. The thesis “Science is the foundation of high quality education” was declared at the University more than 50 years ago. The integration of science, production and education is one of the conditions for developing the University. Today USATU is ranking as one of the top Technical Universities mainly due to the fact that science has always played an important role. USATU counts on innovations. Specialists are trained in the field of aviation and space and rocket technology; automation and control; machine building and metalworking; instrument – making; electronics and mechanical engineering; applied mathematics; computer science; economics and management; life safety. The University has established the Centre of education, research and innovation (CERI) that solves the problem of setting up close relations between all participants of innovation activities. Besides it helps to stimulate their participation in social, economic, technological, educational and cultural development of the Republic of Bashkortostan. CERI realizes a complete innovation life cycle – from the fundamental research to the final consumer product. Close creative contacts of USATU with academic and sectoral scientific structures promote effective work of joint research, greater involvement of the academic staff of the Russian Academy of Sciences in organizing and optimizing the educational process. The University intensively develops international contacts and takes part in a number of international educational and scientific programs. Joint educational and supported by Russian and international grants and promote the development of creative collaboration of participating universities.

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    The University has a sport complex and many sport clubs.

    The sport complex includes a track-and field stadium and a football field, special gyms for sporting games, tennis courts, a skiing base and functional rehabilitation complex. The University teams and athletes have repeatedly become champions and prize-winners of Russia and Moscow.

    The spacious movie-concert hall equipped with modern cinema and video projection equipment, acoustic and illuminating systems, rehearsal premises provide good conditions for amateur activities, movie-lectures, concerts of masters of art and popular musical groups.

    Campus is part and parcel of students’ life. Nine building of the dormitories make up the students dwelling area, which comprises the sports complex and other special places, thus enabling the students to spend their time in rewarding way. All non-resident students of USATU are provided with accommodation that makes the campus their “second home”. Everything is available for their comfortable life: the Internet, facilities for recreation, assembly halls for holding cultural events and many others. USATU has a dormitory located in a park zone, not far from the University and metro station. The students live in rooms for 1 or 2 persons. There are good conditions for studies. On winter and summer vacations the students of the University can have a rest at boarding-houses and rest-homes.

    The administration of the USATU pays due attention to students’ cultutral life either. Amateur artistic work is one of the main focuses of attention to students’ club. Over 400 students are involved in regular rehearsals and studio activities in the club.
    The club artistic groups new repertoire was worked out for their performances, which they have presented many times at various festivals, concerts and other cultural events both in and outside Ufa.